Global United Shipping

A young, dynamic & fast growing shipping company involved in transportation of gas, crude oil, petroleum products and dry bulk commodities. Global United Shipping is epitomized by its passion for excellence, integrity and transparency. These values guide us in all that we do and are the foundation upon which our organization is built.

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Global United Shipping continually strives to fulfill its vision of supporting customer’s operations by reducing risk and improving productivity to conduct business in faster, simpler, and more efficient manner. We understand the nuances of the marine transport industry and we are always on the look out to help industrial houses and traders to find transport solutions that are innovative and efficient.

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Our Services

Environmental Excellence

With an extensive range of services on a global level, we operate globally not just as cargo carriers, but as a reliable link in the global trade chain and thus contributing to environmental excellence.

Global Network

Global United Shipping successfully combines its logistics infrastructure with strategic alliances that add value within the logistics chain to deliver world class solutions. Our company has a global network of associates and partners.

Quality Assurance

Our services bring a level of certainty that no other competitor can match. Our customers experience voyages that are met on-time, with high quality and greater efficiency assured.

Global Responsibility

Our policy includes a zero-spill statement.  We have processes in place aimed at ensuring all effluent discharges are within permitted levels or are prohibited. All sources of marine and atmospheric pollution attributable to company activities have been systematically identified.  We set quantified improvement targets that cover all sources of pollution attributable to company activities. We have an energy conservation program in place which is effectively monitored throughout the fleet.